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Automated Processing

Mail It offers a wide array of automated services to help your business operate more efficiently and save money. We house the equipment and technology to handle all of your mailing needs; from daily mailing, to lettershop, graphic design, printing and more.

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Mail It Corp. Automated Processing

Printing & Production

Mail It’s offset printing and ink/water-based presses produce the highest quality products available. Our digital printing services also allow for greater flexibility with variable data printing, statement printing, high speed black/white printing and high quality color printing.

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Mail It Corp. Printing & Production

Graphic Design

Mail It provides fast and affordable graphic design services for new projects, as well as existing designs that simply need adjustments. We backup all design jobs so that reprints and redesigns are a breeze, and approach each design with individual attention.

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Mail It Corp. Graphic Design

Mailing Resource Center

Mailer ID

Complete this MID application only when requesting an exception to the number or type of MID or when the Mailing Agent is requesting MID(s) on behalf of the Mail Owner…

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PS3615 Mailing Permit Application

This form creates a comprehensive file about customers who use these services, including a record of customers mailing in bulk with meter postage affixed…

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PS3624 Non-profit Mail Prices

An organization authorized to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail prices may mail only its own matter at those prices. It may not delegate or lend use of it’s Nonprofit authorization…

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Processing Acknowledgment

Collection of information on this Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) is required by the Privacy Act of 1974. The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) requires this form…

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