Our Philosophy

“Listen and respond to our customers’ needs and always produce a quality product.”

Sounds simple, and it is. We believe that our ability to tailor our services and respond quickly to our clients’ needs is the most valuable asset we have. In addition to customized service and speed, our other major asset is our commitment to quality. Without a sincere commitment to quality, no amount of state of the art equipment or software will help you serve customers successfully. Our employees follow one simple rule: “Treat every piece of mail like it was your own.” We study each client’s needs to achieve the best solutions, fastest service and maximum postage discounts. Every customer’s requirements are different and every solution is different, but the end result is the same.

Quality – Efficiency – Dependability

Our History

Mail It Corp. Mailing Services, Inc. was established in 1986 as a Presort Bureau Specializing in 1st class mail. Today, we are a multifaceted corporation providing automation and high-tech solutions to business mail applications of all types. We process over 42 million pieces of mail annually and are the largest first class mailer in the Toledo/Northwest Ohio area. We also offer full-service commercial printing, statement processing and fulfillment services.

Mail It Corp. is a local female-owned corporation. Our facility is located downtown Toledo, only two blocks from the Toledo Main Post Office. Access to our facility and review of our processes can be visited at any time.

Mail It began a presort bureau specializing in 1st class mail. This was a manual process that picked up mail from businesses, metered, hand-sorted the mail by zip code and qualification standards and delivered to the United States Postal service daily.

The company also established a letter shop facility to process advertising mail, which included folding, labeling and inserting equipment to offer our customers the versatility of automated and/or manual processing.

The company undertakes a major transformation from a manual presort service to an automated process with the installation of its first MLOCR (Multi-Line Optical Character Reader) bar coding system.

The company takes another major step by adding laser statement printing capabilities. It currently prints statements utilizing digital laser printer applications. Client applications include patient/medical statements, bank statements, collection notices, and a variety of billing invoices and statements.

Mail it makes a significant advancement by offering printing services to our customers. We have digital and offset press printing capabilities. These services greatly broadened our customer demographic base that is growing every day.

Our company adds yet another service that is not offered by any other local mail house. We added the ability to pre-sort and automate flat-size mail.

This allows Mail It to provide postage discounts to our clients that otherwise are not obtainable.

Mail It purchased a printing company. We acquired a long time local printer and merged the company with Mail It. We have full-service printing capabilities under our roof. We offer offset and digital printing, graphic design, statement processing, along with bindery equipment that covers all facets of the printing industry.

Mail It expanded upon our already extensive mail-processing capabilities with a new envelope inserting machine. This new machine has the ability to fold and insert up to 8 pages into most standard letter-size envelopes. This increases our total to three industrial-capacity inserters.





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