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Custom packaging makes both your mailing and your materials stand out to boost your marketing efforts.

Let Mail It take care of the packaging and distribution for your business or organization. Our knowledgeable, experienced customer service representatives are ready to work with you to plan the most effective and affordable solutions to meet your packaging and distribution needs.

We can tailor our packaging and distribution services to meet your needs.

We can match any schedule or fit any job or budget – no matter how big or small – to deliver the results you expect. In addition to our exceptional printing and mailing services, we provide complete kitting, fulfillment, packaging, and other related assembly services. And if you are looking for a creative package solution and need help with the design, our dedicated design team is always ready with the ideas and the solutions you are looking for.

We can also provide custom-designed pre-production art templates and CAD samples for approval before production starts, plus kitting and assembly services after printing or manufacturing so that everything is ready for distribution. We also offer a variety of customization options that enable us to deliver our customers packaging products in the desired size, style, and colors. As always, customer satisfaction and high-quality craftsmanship are our top priority.

Mail It Distribution Services can deliver your materials when and where they are needed whether coming straight off the press or from warehouse distribution.

We provide the expertise and the technology to ensure that your mailing materials get where they need to be on-time, on budget, and in perfect condition. Once your packaging and materials are printed and ready, we’re ready to assemble and ship them to your audience in the most efficient, most cost-effective way. Facing a tight deadline? No worries, we will find a way to make your delivery arrive when and where it needs to be. Mail It Distribution is here for you when you need it. And we always deliver.

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